6 Hours8 Hours12 HoursExtra Hour

The Two-Day Rental allows your party to come in to rehearse and decorate for 8 hours the day before, even have rehearsal dinner onsite! Next day host a 12-hour ceremony and reception

Thursday and Friday
Friday and Saturday
Saturday and Sunday

Two-day rental

Additional Rental Items

6 Hours8 Hours12 HoursExtra Hour

Saturday and Holiday Rates

Friday and Sunday Rates

Monday - Thursday Rates

(Except for holidays, apply the Friday/Sunday rate) 

8 Hours12 HoursExtra Hour
Groom's Room
Magnolia Planting with Plaque
Gazebo Sound System
One Hour Private Rehearsal1 hour$199
Rehearsal Dinner3 hour$399
Projector and Screen
Bistro TablesFive available$15 each
Easy Clean
Wedding Officiant


Magnolia Estate Rates

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